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As of 16 April 2021 we, along with the rest of the province were given an extension to the lockdown and the "no travel" order. Consequently, we have closed the MilCun Training Center to all but essential services. We will remain closed until 20 May.

We will work to reschedule as much as we can, but we're going to wait until we see some stability from the government. We've notified everyone affected, and we'll continue to work this way for a while.

We will NOT be updating the calendar until we're confident that we'll be able to re-open. We've taken the calendar down from this website and will reinstate it when we can.

Professional Courses Professional Training
Advanced Pistol Skills
Advanced Carbine Skills
Police Sniper 1
Police Sniper 2

Police Instructor
Rifle Forensics
Professional Equipment
Professional Equipment
Police Sniper Rifles
& More
Recreational Training Recreational & Competition Training
Mental Marksmanship Wind Reading
Enhanced Rifle Skills
Enhanced Pistol Skills
Hunter Marksmanship
Recreational Equipment 
Recreational Equipment
Long-Range Rifles
& More

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