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As of 12 June 2021, outdoor shooting ranges are allowed to be open to ten persons at a time.

We've been working on the calendar! We've reinstated the bookings that were cancelled and we've restored the high-priority OSA events. The schedule is full! We are trying to retain a few days for range maintenance, but for the most part we'll be working on one range while the other ranges are in use. 

The whole schedule through to the end of the season is published on the Calendar page, complete with Eventbrite links for the OSA events (and the tickets are on sale).

Range bookings and courses for police/military personnel will continue to run as scheduled. Some MilCun courses have been re-scheduled and we have already contacted everyone affected.

If all goes well, by July we should be able to have up to 25 people on the range at a time, and re-open the cabin by August.

Professional Courses Professional Training
Advanced Pistol Skills
Advanced Carbine Skills
Police Sniper 1
Police Sniper 2

Police Instructor
Rifle Forensics
Professional Equipment
Professional Equipment
Police Sniper Rifles
& More
Recreational Training Recreational & Competition Training
Mental Marksmanship Wind Reading
Enhanced Rifle Skills
Enhanced Pistol Skills
Hunter Marksmanship
Recreational Equipment 
Recreational Equipment
Long-Range Rifles
& More

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