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About Us...

Captain (Ret'd) Keith A Cunningham
Chief Operations Officer - Chief Instructor - Head Gunsmith

Keith is a career military officer with a combined time of over 25 years experience with the Canadian Forces and the US Army. He has had considerable practical experience including a combat tour in Viet Nam, peacekeeping and counter sniper operations in Cyprus, as well as numerous unit and command-level military exercises in North America and Europe.

Keith has taught marksmanship courses at the Canadian Forces Infantry School and at several police forces in Ontario. He was a certified instructor/examiner for the Firearms Safety Education Service of Ontario and he was a Hunter Safety Instructor/Examiner. Keith is an internationally certified shooting coach and has successfully coached teams to national and international excellence.

Keith is a qualified gunsmith with over 30 years experience, specializing in long-range practical rifles. He has built and regulated rifles used by international competitors around the world.

He is an internationally renowned rifle and pistol competitor, having won honors at Bisley, the World Long Range Championships, and the Commonwealth Games. He is the 2008, 2009, 2011 & 2013 national service rifle champion, the 2010 national pistol champion, the 2012 (and many more) national sniper/precision champion, and many times the national 3-gun (pistol, service rifle, sniper rifle) champion. He is a member of the Canadian Forces Sports Hall of Fame and the Dominion of Canada (DCRA) Hall of Fame (in both the target rifle and service rifle categories).

Linda K. Miller
Chief Executive Officer - Coaching Specialist

Linda has over 25 years of business experience, including consulting, business planning, management, marketing and information systems.

She has considerable experience in international smallbore target shooting as a member of Canada’s Shooting Team. She won medals in the Commonwealth Games 1994, Cuba World Cup 1995 and Mexico World Cup 1993. In 1999 Linda became the first woman to win the Ontario Lieutenant Governor’s Medal for shooting; these competitions have a proud and honored history of over 125 years. In 2002, Linda competed in F-Class and was the top female provincially, nationally and at the world championships. Linda is the 2008 national sniper marksmanship champion and has won the sniper pairs championship (with Keith) many times.

As much as she loves shooting, Linda's pride is her ability to help others to marksmanship excellence. She is an accomplished and internationally certified coach. She also volunteers as a director, manager, administrator, and consultant in local, provincial and national shooting sports organizations.

Keith and Linda hold many provincial and national titles and records, and have been members of several Canadian teams to international Championships throughout the world. In 2007, 2008 and 2009, they coached the Canadian Forces Combat Shooting Team to many honors at Bisley, England. They have coached 13 members of the military to a Queen’s Medal, the top award for marksmanship within the Canadian Forces. They are popular guest lecturers and speakers, providing seminars and courses to police, military and civilian marksmen here in Canada and internationally. Their articles on marksmanship have been published in shooting magazines such as Precision Shooting, Tactical Shooter, The Accurate Rifle, Ontario Out of Doors, the American Sniper Association newsletter, the Canadian Marksman, the Canadian Forces Infantry Journal and AIM Magazine. They are the authors of several popular books, including “The Wind Book for Rifle Shooters.” Their latest book, “The Power of Mental Marksmanship,” was released in January 2010.
 Our Pride...  the person we most respect in the field of warrior science is LtCol Dave Grossman, author of "On Combat" and many other excellent books. We were pleased to meet him at one of his outstanding "Bullet Proof Mind" seminars. We exchanged books and told him that we had quoted him several times in the Secrets of Mental Marksmanship. He soon wrote to us and said:
“Secrets of Mental Marksmanship… 
is one of the best, most important books I have ever read… 
a key achievement in the Warrior Renaissance.”
Keith Cunningham, Linda Miller, Dave Grossman 2011 
 We are humbled, honored and completely thrilled to have our book recognized by LtCol Dave Grossman.
For more information about Dave Grossman, visit his website at 
For the LtCol's comments about our book, click on the "BOOKS" tab on his website

Keith wins LtGov award for fourth time Keith & Linda win prizes at National target rifle match Keith wins service rifle championship Linda wins national sniper rifle championship Keith & Linda at Bisley "millenium match" 
Keith and Linda always enjoy the competition season. Keith is shown here being chaired, having won the Lieutenant Governors award for the fourth time. Equally enjoyable was winning major prizes in the national target rifle matches

In 2008, Keith won the Canadian National Service Rifle Championship and the Canadian National 3-Gun Championship. Linda won the Canadian National Sniper Rifle Championship.


Linda and Keith at Bisley, England as part of the Canadian National Target Rifle Team

MilCun Training Center (MilCun Marksmanship Complex) is a registered Ontario company, founded in 1996.

The founders of MilCun Training Center (also known as MilCun Marksmanship Complex) are Capt. Keith A Cunningham and Linda K Miller.

The purpose of our business is to promote competitive marksmanship and to train both recreational and professional marksmen. Our corporate motto is "focusing on performance".


We are members or past-members of the American Sniper Association, the Ontario Gunsmiths' Association, the American Gunsmithing Association, the Dominion of Canada Rifle Association (DCRA), the Shooting Federation of Canada (SFC), the Canadian Firearms Institute (CFI), the Canadian Shooting Sports Association (CSSA), the National Capital Region Rifle Association (NCRRA), the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters (OFAH), the Ontario Rifle Associaton (ORA), the Royal New Brunswick Rifle Association (RNBRA) the Operational Shooting Association (OSA) and the Haliburton County Marksmen Club, as well as many other shooting clubs.