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Satisfied customers... the best advertising!

MilCun has provided gunsmithing, marksmanship training and consulting for customers across Canada and around the world... police, military, security and civilian.

Police Pistol students say...
Police Sniper students say...
Police Tactical students say...
Executive Challenge students say...
  • "I was having a real problem with my pistol before this course. I couldn't keep up with the rest of the tactical team. Now I can. Now I know what I need to practice to get better. It's a really big step for me."
  • "Now I know I need to coach the rest of the team more than I have been."
  • "The idea of different techniques for different distances was a big light bulb for me. Now I know what the limitations of "point shooting" are and when I need to switch to more precise aiming."
  • "I didn't know I could draw and shoot so fast. It's amazing."
  • "I learned more in Day 1 [of PS1] than I had learned in my past two sniper courses."
  • "After PS1 and PS2, I am hooked. The instruction and content are top shelf."
  • "I was more than impressed with the method of instruction. I look forward to further courses."
  • "Overall, an excellent experience. This style of training ought to be adopted by every police and military unit in Canada."
  • "The course not only improved my shooting ability, but also increased my knoledge and self-confidence."
  • "I loved the course and learned way more than I thought I would."
  • "Amazing. It made me realize the value of positive reinforcement."
  • "The course was a pleasure to take part in. I can't believe I get paid to do this."
  • "Excellent course! I will walk away with skills that I can pass on to my other team members."
  • "I have learned more in four days than I did in the 7 years I have been with the police."
  • "I learned being and remaining positive can help to overcome obstacles. I will try to apply it to life in general."
  • "Simply outstanding! - I feel I can confidently utlize what I've learned and apply it to any and all shooting, including service pistol."
  • "Awesome teaching technique - great learning environment - excellent meals!"
  • "Best experiential learning program [I have] ever taken. Impressive." - CEO
  • "Like no other course I have ever taken... I learned more here than in any other leadership or management course. An incredible experience." - VP
  • "The scenarios were amazing!" - VP
  • "I have never learned this much about so many different things in such little time. Refreshing and resetting. Great!" - CEO
  • "It's not for the fainthearted, but for those who are willing, it's the best." - VP
  • "I believe you are on to something very big. Experiential training, new skill acquisition, thinking on your hind legs, camaraderie with peers.... an exceptional program which should be "sold" to the Prime Minister for use with CF instructors across Canada." -CEO
Police Pistol Instructor Course Police Sniper Course Police Tactical Rifle Course Executive Challenge - Water-crossing problem

Police & Military Agencies

We are proud of all of our customers, though we have been asked not to name some of them for security reasons. Thanks to all our past customers, those who helped us start our business, and those who made it grow:

  • American Sniper Association
  • AECL (Atomic Energy of Canada Limited)
  • Barrie Police Service
  • Belleville Police Service
  • Brantford Police Service
  • Bridgewater Police Service
  • Bruce Nuclear Security
  • Calgary Police Service Tactical Unit
  • Canadian Firearms Centre
  • Canadian Forces (Regular and Reserve)
    • Airfield Security Force
    • Air Marshall Detail
    • Military Police  
    • Medical Personnel  
    • Director of Army Training
    • Simulations Training Centre
    • Small Arms Teams
    • Sniper Teams
    • Combat Shooting Teams
  • Canadian Nuclear Service Commission
  • Cape Breton Police Service
  • Chatham-Kent Police Service
  • Colt Canada
  • Connaught National Cadet Training Centre
  • DRS Technologies  
  • Dryden Police Service
  • Durham Regional Police Service - ERT
  • Durham Regional Police Service - Instructor Staff
  • Durham Nuclear Emergency Response Team
  • Executive Security Services
  • Frontier Security Services
  • Edmunston Police Service
  • Gatineau Police
  • Greater Sudbury Police Service
  • Guelph Police Service
  • Halton Regional Police Service
  • Hamilton Police Service ERU
  • Hamilton-Wentworth Regional Police
  • Hanover Police Service
  • Hydro-Québec
  • Kingston Police Service
  • Lakefield Police Service
  • Lethbridge Police Service
  • London Police Service - Emergency Response Section
  • London Police Service - Training Unit
  • Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services  
  • New Brunswick Power
  • Niagara Regional Police Service - ERS
  • Niagara Regional Police Service - Training
  • Niagara Parks Authority
  • North Bay Police Service
  • Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources
  • Ontario Law Enforcement Athletes Association  
  • Ontario Police College
  • Ontario Power Generation
  • Ontario Provincial Police
  • Ontario Provincial Police - PERT
  • Ottawa Police Service
  • Ottawa-Carleton Regional Police
  • Owen Sound Police Service
  • Peel Regional Police Service T&R Unit
  • Peel Regional Police Service Training
  • Precision Interdiction Inc.  
  • Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps
  • RCMP Emergency Response Team
  • RCMP Instructor Staff
  • Saint John Police Force
  • Saugeen Shores Police Service
  • Sault Ste. Marie Emergency Response Team
  • Sault Ste. Marie Police Service
  • Shandaken Police Department (New York)
  • Strathroy-Caradoc Police Service
  • Sudbury Regional Police Service
  • Thunder Bay Police
  • Toronto Police Service
  • Toronto Police - Emergency Task Force
  • Toronto Police Instructor Staff
  • Thunder Bay Police
  • Treaty Three Police Service
  • Waterloo Regional Police Service - ERT
  • Waterloo Regional Police Service - Instructor Staff
  • Windsor Police Service
  • York Regional Police Service

Recreational and Competitive Marksmen

Times are changing for us in the field of coaching recreational and competitive marksmen. We really never thought we would be running courses for individuals, but now we are offering five courses as well as the Mental Marksmanship Seminar and custom programs. For privacy reasons, we cannot put individual customer names here, so following is a list of some of the civilian clubs and organizations that have taken a course from MilCun, or received coaching from its instructors.


Our competitive customers include many fine marksmen on Canadian Provincial and National teams, as well as competitors from Australia, Bermuda, Britain, Italy, Jamaica, Japan and the United States.

Bermuda Rifle Association

Canadian National Target Rifle Team (to Bisley)
Canadian National World Long-Range Team
Canadian National Black Powder Team
Canadian National Muzzle Loaders Team
Canadian Army Combat Shooting Team (to Australia)
Canadian Forces Combat Shooting Team (to Bisley)
Canadian Forces Team to CISM ( Competition Internationale Sportife du Militaire)
Canadian National Smallbore Team
Canadian National Cadet Team (to Bisley)
Canadian National Cadet Coaching Staff
Canadian National (Smallbore Rifle) Junior Training Camp
CISM Women's Smallbore Rifle Team
Durham Region Elite Athlete Program
Jamaica Rifle Association
Jim Bow's Archery
Maple Leaf Club
National Rifle Association of South Africa
Ontario Provincial Smallbore Team
Ontario Rifle Association
Ontario Team to the Canada Winter games
Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters (OFAH) Becoming an Outdoors Woman Program
Operational Shooting Association
Pioneer Sportsmen's Club
Peel Rifle Club
Royal Military College Rifle Team
SAMAC Rifle Club
Sharon Gun Club
The Archery Place
Toronto Sportsmen's Club
Toronto Tactical Shooting Club
Trinidad Rifle Association

In addition to our own courses and custom programs, MilCun instructors have taught the Coaching Association of Canada's (CAC) National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) for the Shooting Federation of Canada and for the Dominion of Canada Rifle Association, specifically:

Level 1 Technical - Rifle

Level 2 Technical - Rifle

Level 3 Technical - Rifle/Pistol

MilCun instructors designed and taught the SFC Course Conductors' Course.

MilCun instructors are certified international fullbore rifle coaches.

MilCun instructors have discontinued teaching:

Ontario Hunter Safety Course

Canadian PAL (Possession and Acquisition Licence) Course