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For Competitors

For Competitors

We at MilCun have a great love of competition which spans many years and several types of marksmanship.

Keith brings over 25 years experience as a military sniper in two armies, as well as 20 years experience on army rifle teams (as a shooter, as a coach and as a team manager). In addition, he competed in machine gun and pistol events at national and international matches. He also has about ten years experience on the military CISM rifle team shooting 3-position fullbore events. His achievements put him into the Canadian Force's Sports Hall of Fame.

During this time he also competed in Target Rifle, an event involving long-range shooting back to 900 meters (with a .308 rifle, supported only by a sling, using iron sights) and he distinguished himself sufficiently to be named to the DCRA's Hall of Fame for Target Rifle. He also competed in the DCRA service conditions program, which includes service rifle, sniper rifle and combat pistol. (Keith continues to compete in these matches as well as running them.) At this writing, he has won 16 national championships in service conditions competition. Again, his achievements put him into the DCRA's Hall of Fame for Service Conditions.

Linda started competition shooting with the Toronto Sportsmen's Association in 1986 and it didn't take long until she was on the National Team (1989), shooting 3-position smallbore and air rifle. Along the way, she set records and won matches at the provincial and national levels. She also won honors for Canada at several World Cups (1990-1992).

Keith and Linda met at the 1994 Commonwealth Games in Victoria, Canada. Keith was representing Canada in fullbore and Linda was representing Canada in smallbore competition. Over the next several years, Keith introduced Linda to fullbore shooting, where she won prizes provincially and nationally. She was the first and only woman to win the Ontario Lt Gov's award. She was particularly pleased to represent Canada at the 1999 Palma in South Africa, the 2000 Millenium Matches in Bisley England, and the 2007 Palma in Canada.

In the meantime, they had started the MilCun Training Center and had acquired the property that would become the focus of their business together. They started the business to focus on the needs of professional marksmen (law enforcement, military and security personnel) and over the years, they have (responding to customer's needs) expanded the business to include competition marksmen.

In 2002, Keith and Linda ran the first ever World F-Class championships. In this year, Linda competed and won honors as the top female provincially, nationally and internationally.

Through the early 2000's, Linda started shooting service rifle and sniper rifle, and (with Keith) won several national sniper pairs championships. In 2008, Linda was the first and only female to win the national sniper individual championship.

In 2006, they started the Operational Shooting Association (a not-for-profit shooting club) which delivers training, matches and organized practice with an eye to developing operational marksmanship skills. In the same year their first book, The Wind Book for Rifle Shooters was published by Paladin Press.

One of the interests Keith and Linda share is the mental aspects of shooting. When they met, they were each providing mental training to their teams (Keith to the military rifle teams and Linda to the Ontario Provincial Rifle Team, both as guest lecturers with other teams). They combined their notes and continued to deliver Mental Marksmanship Seminars to police, military, and competition shooters. This eventually grew into a body of work and stories which was published in 2010 as The Secrets of Mental Marksmanship.

All along the way, Keith has been a gunsmith (having graduated from the Colorado School of Trades in the 1970's) and has built rifles for competition and for operations. This skill and background provides a solid technical aspect to the MilCun business that helps us ensure all technical issues are solved before the training begins in earnest.
Marksmanship Training
  • Enhanced Rifle Skills Course
  • Operational Pistol Competition Course
  • Service Rifle Competition Course
  • Sniper/Precision Rifle Competition Course
  • Tactical Rifle Competition Course
  • Wind Reading Weekend
  • Mental Marksmanship Seminar
  • Custom courses and coaching

For course descriptions, Competition Courses

For course pricing and timings, see Calendar

  • Paper and cardboard targets now available.
  • Coming soon... steel targets plus stands and shrouds.

For pictures, downloadable pdfs, and pricing, see our Competition Targetry page

  • Custom built rifles and factory upgrades
  • Operational-style precision/sniper rifles
  • Tactical AR-style rifles
  • Target Rifles
  • F-Class Rifles

For more information, see Competition Rifles

  • Telescopic sights,levels, mounts, replacement turret scales
  • Hardware accessories
  • Replacement stocks
  • Travel vaults
  • EZ-Graf Supreme - NOW AVAILABLE

For more information, see Competition Accessories

  • Barrel/chamber installation
  • Accurizing and blueprinting
  • Trigger installation
  • Pillar bedding
  • Scope installation
  • Stock work, including custom stocks
  • Upgrades, maintenance and repair
  • Range services

For more information, see Gunsmithing for Competitors 

  • The Wind Book for Rifle Shooters
  • The Secrets of Mental Marksmanship
  • The EZ-Graf Owners Manual (on CD)
  • Favorite Stories
  • The Dream Team
  • Handbooks for Long-Range Shooters
  • CoachNet newsletter

For more information, see Publications

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