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Gunsmithing Services for Competitors

Standard Bench Services 
Minimum/hourly bench charge
We can provide any bench services you need, for one firearm, or for your fleet. Contact us for a booking or an estimate.
Barrel/chamber installation
We thread and install the barrel; cut match-grade chamber; cut 11 degree crown; adjust headspace for maximum accuracy; etch data stamp; function fire.
Blueprinting - accurizing
We blueprint Remington 700's and Winchester Model 70's. We re-cut receiver threads to be square to the action; true the front of the receiver; true the bolt face; re-cut the bolt locking lug recesses; lap the bolt locking lugs for maximum contact.
We accurize all other receivers. We true the front of the receiver; true the bolt face; lap the bolt locking lugs for maximum contact.
Scope installation
We drill and tap receiver as required; install scope base; drill and tap base as required; install rings; lap rings; bore sight scope; adjust scope base to allow maximum elevation and windage
to $200
Scope level installation
We ensure your scope is installed properly level and we index the scope level to your scope.
Muzzle brake installation
We fit the muzzle brake to the barrel (cut threads and recrown the muzzle) and index the brake for proper functioning.
Trigger installation
We install the trigger; tune and adjust for creep and over travel; set to correct weight. As necessary: modify stock to fit; modify receiver or hanger or trigger to fit; modify trigger guard or trigger shoe to fit.
to $300
Pillar bedding
We custom make the pillars; adjust pillars to fit; do full receiver bedding; clean up; touch up paint or other finish.
Enlarged extended bolt handle
This modification extends the bolt handle past the scope, creating a larger longer handle for better leverage. It's especially good for recycling quickly. Includes materials, machining and finishing.
Stock work
From inletting and finishing, through to hand crafted custom made stocks, we offer a full range of stock work.
Maintenance & Repair
We offer a full range of maintenance and repair services for competition and hunting rifles. 
Standard Range Services
Minimum/hourly range charge
We can provide any range services you need, for one firearm, or for your collection. Contact us for a booking or an estimate. (Ammo not included in price.)
Function testing
We fire sufficient rounds to ensure rifle operates safely and correctly, including magazine functions. Ammo supplied by customer.
Barrel break-in
We follow modern accepted barrel break-in procedure. We fire about 40 rounds and clean the barrel and chamber a total of about 15 times (between individual rounds at the beginning of the process, and then between strings). Ammo supplied by customer.
Accuracy testing
We fire about twenty rounds. Five-round groups shot at 100 yards/meters from a conventional operational position. Ammo supplied by customer.
Zeroing sights
We fire about ten rounds. Sight scales are slipped to read zero at 100 meters. Ammo supplied by customer.
Scope testing
Sights must be zeroed first. We fire about 25 rounds to test the scope. Shot on the MilCun "shoot the square" and "hi-lo power" targets. Ammo supplied by customer.
10-point range test
We conduct a series of tests to show how your system is performing... includes elements of accuracy testing, zeroing sights and scope testing. Ammo supplied by customer.
Ammo for 10-point range test
We encourage you to provide your competition ammo for our rifle testing; however, we can supply appropriate factory match-grade ammo at about $3.00 per round. 

Keith testing ammo
Keith is shown here test firing a customer's rifle...
ahh, winter at the range!
Moving Day... the milling machine arrives
Moving day... the milling machine arrives at the new gunshop

Standard Warranty Services

While these services have a value, they are only sold with our MilCun-built rifles. They are not available separately.

Group size guarantee
As necessary, we continue to accurize, adjust and accuracy test the rifle until the system performs to the standard: groups less than 1" at 100 yards with factory match ammunition. The five-round groups are fired from a conventional operational position. Ammunition supplied by MilCun.
Not sold
Annual service check
We provide an annual service check, including minor tuning and adjustment for the life of the rifle. (Within terms of warranty.)
Not sold


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