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Consulting Services

Consulting in Marksmanship,
Marksmanship Training and Course (or Program) Development,
Range Development,
Leadership and Team-Building

MilCun's principals combine a rare set of skills and experience. Keith brings over 25 years experience as a military sniper in two armies, along with his skills as a leader, an instructor and in operations. Linda brings over 20 years experience in business management consulting, along with her skills as a coach, writer and administrator. Both are shooting champions in their own right.

Together they have combined their skills and interests to build a business which focuses on marksmanship as it applies both to professionals (police and military) and recreationally. Keith is well-known as both an outstanding marksman and a military officer who made a difference to his troops. Linda has consulted professionally to industry (in strategic business planning, process reengineering, systems development, etc.) and to sports organizations (both shooting sports and multi-sport organizations). They are knowledgeable and experienced in developing, building and implementing training programs (for police, military, sport and business). They have developed products and services for police, military and industry. They have both had a great deal of experience leading and managing people at all levels and in many trades and professions.

The consulting services offered here are based on a broad experience set, and focused on developing excellence:

  • Excellence in marksmanship, for police and military, and for athletes and outdoorsmen.
  • Excellence in training and administration for police, military and sports organizations.
  • Excellence in leadership and teamwork for executives and professionals.
For Police & Military
  • Marksmanship training programs, curriculum specification and course development
  • Sniper training programs
  • Pistol marksmanship training programs
  • Tactical marksmanship training programs
  • SME (Subject Matter Expert) services in firearms and firearms operations
  • Range development planning

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For Sports Organizations
  • Sports organization strategic planning
  • Sports organization process reengineering (process review/audit, process redesign)
  • Sports executive management
  • Training program development
  • Range development planning

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For Executives & Professionals
  • Leadership challenge and program development
  • Team building and challenge programs

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For Athletes & Outdoorsmen
  • Marksmanship skills training
  • Competition skills training
  • Outdoor skills training, such as navigation and other field craft

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