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The MilCun Training Center hosts many events in support of operational marksmanship training and challenges. Our sponsors provide prizes and swag to the participants and help make all these events more exciting. We appreciate all that they do!

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Burke's Gun Oil 

 Canadian Firearms Institute              Colt Canada

 Coretac Solutions



AmChar Wholesale
American Tactical
Badlands Packs
Burke's Gun Oil For guns, blades and more... yesterday's value, tomorrow's technology
(Stoeger Canada)
Binoculars, spotting scopes and rifle scopes... engineered to perfection
Canadian Firearms Institute Proud of our heritage... protecting our future
Canadian Firearms Training, Inc.
Canadian Shooting Sports Preserve. Promote. Protect.
Canadian Tactical Officers Association
Colt Canada Combat-proven weapon systems - True north strong and free
Coretac Solutions Manufacturer and supplier of innovative tactical products and custom marksmanship gear
Dominion of Canada Rifle Association
Ellwood Epps Sporting Goods For all your hunting, fishing, and camping needs
Executive Security Services International Security, private investigation and personal protection
GirlyGunGear Fun and feminine sport shooting apparel and accessories for women of all sizes
Guide to Game Firearms, restricted firearms and hunter education training and licencing
Hirsch Precision Canadian importer for Lapua, Zeiss and Sightron Hirsch Precision
JR Targets Strong, True, Tested


Korth Group

 MDT Tac

 MilCun Training Center      Ontario Out of Doors Magazine      OSA Canada

Questar International

Strategic Operations Group
Korth Group Leupold, Hornady... and more
LTT Tactical Increasing capability
MDT Tac Modular chassis systems for bolt-action rifles
MilCun Training Center Marksmanship training and equipment for police, military and security personnel... and for competition marksmen and hunters
At the heart of the image
North Sylva A leading Canadian importer and distributor of firearms, ammunition and accessories to both the commercial and law enforcement markets
O'Dell Engineering Importers of FMK pistols... and more
OFAH Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters
Ontario OUT OF DOORS Magazine Canada's best read outdoor magazine
OTIS Smart gun care
Operational Shooting Association

Operational-style marksmanship training and competition
Packing in Pink
Questar International Firearms import/sales specialists. Arming Canadians one gun at a time.
ShootersGear Quality products for the shooter, carrying devices for guns and accessories, custom-made tactical gear
Strategic Operations Group Suppliers to Canadian military, law enforcement, security and rescue services
Vortex The force of optics  Vortex    
Wolf Bullets
Wolverine Supplies Your one stop shop for everything firearms. Full selection of firearms, optics, ammunition and accessories.


We have included links to organizations mentioned in the pages of our website, as well as some of general interest to professional and competitive marksmen. These links are here for your convenience and in no way imply that we endorse these organizations. If you would like to have your link added, deleted or changed, contact us.


Shooting Sports Organizations - National & International - Olympic

ISSF International Shooting Sports Federation World World governing body for Olympic shooting sports
SFC Shooting Federation of Canada Canada National governing body - Olympic shooting sports
NSRA National Small-bore Rifle Association United Kingdom National governing body - Smallbore rifle and pistol, airgun
GBTSF Great Britain Target Shooting Federation Great Britain National governing body - Olympic shooting sports
USA Shooting USA Shooting USA National governing body - Olympic shooting sports

Shooting Sports Organizations - National & International - Fullbore & Service

NRA of Australia National Rifle Association of Australia Australia National rifle association - fullbore rifle and service firearms
DCRA Dominion of Canada Rifle Association Canada National rifle association - fullbore rifle and service firearms
NRA National Rifle Association Great Britain National rifle association - fullbore rifle and service firearms
NRA of New Zealand National Rifle Association of New Zealand New Zealand National rifle association - fullbore rifle and service firearms
SABU South African Bisley Union South Africa National rifle association - fullbore rifle and service firearms (formerly SANRA)
NRA National Rifle Association USA National rifle association - fullbore rifle and service firearms

Shooting Sports Organizations - Provincial, State, Regional

CFI Canadian Firearms Institute Canada A member-driven firearms resource and advocacy group
CSSA Canadian Shooting Sports Association Ontario Provincial governing body - Olympic shooting sports
ORA Ontario Rifle Association Ontario Provincial rifle association - fullbore rifle
OSA Operational Shooting Association Ontario Association for law enforcement, military, security and civilian training and challenges
in operational/combat pistol, tactical/service rifle and precision/sniper rifle

Coaching & Teaching Organizations

CAC Coaching Association of Canada Canada Organization to support coaches of amateur sport
NCCP National Coaching Certification Program Canada Organization to certify coaches of amateur sport
USAMU US Army Marksmanship Unit USA Organization to "improve marksmanship in the US Army"
  US Army Rangers USA US Army Ranger School
  CF Sniper School Canada Canadian Forces School of Infantry
FSESO Firearms Education Ontario Administration of firearms Possession and Acquisition Licenses (PALs) training and testing for Ontario
  Hunter Safety Ontario Administration of hunting license training and testing for Ontario
  Guide to Game Ontario Firearms, Restricted Firearms and Hunter Education Training and Licensing
RMC Royal Military College Ontario Undergraduate and graduate school for CF Officer Cadets
  Cadet Shooting Program Canada Military cadet shooting program in Canada, including National Cadet Team to competition in Bisley England

Professional (Police & Military) Organizations

  CF Sports Hall of Fame Canada Canadian Forces Sports Hall of Fame
CISM International Military Sports Council World Multi-sport organization for military sports competition (aka Conseil International du Sport Militaire)
CRPTC Connaught Ranges Ontario Connaught Ranges and Primary Training Centre - near Ottawa
CTOA Canadian Tactical Officers Association Canada A non-profit, fraternal organization directed by the needs of Canadian tactical officers and law enforcement
OTAB Ontario Tactical Advisory Board Ontario For professional tactical officers
ASA American Sniper Association USA For professional tactical snipers (law enforcement)
  World Police & Fire Games USA Website for the 2017 Games in Fairfax

Other Organizations of Interest

  Haliburton County Ontario Home-county of the MilCun Training Center
NPRC Northumberland Pistol and Revolver Club Ontario Club located in Northumberland County, Ontario, Canada
OFAH Ontario Federation of Anglers & Hunters Ontario Organization for conservation of fishing and hunting
OOD Ontario Out of Doors Magazine Ontario Hunting, fishing and outdoor magazine

Business & Commercial

  Accuracy Plus Canada Stocks a full line of firearms, ammunition and accessories (retail)
  ArmaLite USA Service rifles and carbines
  Burke's Gun Oils Canada multi purpose, top quality gun oil that acts as a cleaner, lubricant and rust inhibitor
  Colt USA Firearms
  Colt Canada Canada Firearms
  Coretac Solutions Inc. Canada Manufacturer and supplier of innovative tactical products and custom marksmanship gear
  Devcon USA Rifle bedding materials
  Ellwood Epps Canada Hunting, shooting, fishing, and camping needs (retail)
  Gun and Knife USA Links to many sites of interest to professional & competitive marksmen
  Glock US USA Handguns and accessories
  Hirsch Precision Canada Ammunition & reloading; optics; gun parts; accessories
  Hornady USA Products and information for reloaders
  H-S Precision USA Rifles and components
  Korth Group Canada Hunting shooting and outdoor products
  Krieger Barrels USA Rifle barrels
  Lapua Finland Ammunition; products and information for reloaders
  Leupold USA Telescopic sights
  Packing in Pink Canada Shooting apparel and accessories for women
  Pelican Products USA Pelican travel vaults (rifle cases)... and more
  Police Ordnance Canada Law enforcement products manufacturer and distributor
  Holland Guns USA Rifles and components
  McMillan USA Rifles and stocks
  MDT Tac Canada Chassis rifle stock system
  North Sylva Canada Importer/distributor of guns, parts, ammuntion and accessories
  O'Dell Engineering Canada Importer/wholesaler of defense and related items.
  Paladin Press USA Publishers of The Wind Book for Rifle Shooters, and The Secrets of Mental Marksmanship, et al
  Precision Shooting USA Precision Shooting magazine; Accurate Rifle magazine; books on long-range marksmanship & equipment
  Remington USA Rifles
  Questar International Canada Internet based, federally licensed importer, exporter, manufacturer, distributor and retailer of firearms and accessories
  Shooter's Gear Canada Shooting mats, bags and carrying devices for guns and accessores, plus custom-made tactical gear
  Shooter Solutions USA Blueprinting, Parkerizing
  Sierra - The Bulletsmiths USA Products and information for reloaders
  Silva Sweden Silva Ranger compasses and other navigation/orienteering gear
  Sniper Country USA Information for military, law enforcement riflemen and civilian long-range precision shooting competitors
  Trijicon USA Trijicon and ACOG scopes
  Veriforce Tactical USA Rifle accessories for AR15, AK47, M4, M16, FN/FAL, HK, SKS, Daewoo DR200
  Vortex Canada Canada Telescopic sights and other optics


Guests to Canada wishing to bring firearms please visit the Canada Firearms Centre