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Marketplace Updated 09 March 2015        Prices in Canadian dollars

For more information or to order - email the Marketplace at MilCun

Reloading Dies Reloading dies
  • Redding 6mm BR - used, in good condition
    • Compeition bushing neck die $75.00
    • Competition seating die $75.00



Rifle Stocks

Various new & used factory stocks in good condition

New and used factory stocks

We have a variety of new and used factory stocks, right handed and left handed. Inventory varies throughout the year. Shown are two typical examples: top is right-handed Remington 700 short action; bottom is left-handed composite for Remington 700 short action.

  • Composite stocks $100.00
  • When available, wooden stocks are priced at fair market value
Rifle Barrels

Various new & used rifle barrels in good condition

 New and used factory and custom barrels

We have a variety of new and used factory and custom barrels, stainless steel and chrome moly. Inventory varies throughout the year. Shown are three examples: top is a used stainless steel fluted 6 mm; middle is a new factory stainless steel in .300 Win Mag; bottom is like new chrome moly in .308 Win.

$100.00 each

Parker-Hale Triggers

Parker Hale TriggerBrand new. With slight modification, can fit any Mauser-type action. Fully adjustable. With safety.     

   $100.00 each

   $150.00 installed

Remington Parts 

Remington PartsAssortment of Remington 700 magazine and trigger guard assembly parts (left over from detachable magazine conversions).

Prices in Canadian dollars as of March 2015. Prices may vary with market conditions.
All Marketplace merchandise is sold "as is".
Shipping, insurance and taxes extra.