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Training for Professionals

Police Sniper Progressive Series 

We continue to monitor police incident reports to ensure that we are providing the training the police sniper really needs. One of our students summed it up this way: “If you can only afford to take one course, take PS1. This is the course you need.” Another student emphasized the point this way: “I learned more in Day 1 [of PS1] than I had learned in my past two sniper courses.

Ø  PS1 – To fire a perfect shot – all the fundamental skills required for basic police sniper operations;

Ø  PS2 – To fire a perfect shot under stress – how to shoot well in stressful situations plus advanced shooting skills such as supported positions and moving targets;

Ø  PS3 – To fire a perfect shot from unsupported positions – we throw away the bipod and focus on building marksmanship skill in unsupported prone, sitting, kneeling and standing positions, and then apply these skills to firing techniques taught in PS2 (such as moving targets);

Ø  PS4 – To fire a perfect shot from long range – the role of the spotter and long-range marksmanship, including wind reading, plus positions and firing techniques applied to long range. Long-range marksmanship is especially important for snipers with rural/regional jurisdiction, airport duties and/or responsibility for counter-sniper operations.

Ø  PS5 – To fire a perfect shot under field conditions – sniper field craft including judging distance, observation, navigation, field firing, cam & concealment, and stalking & observing, with live fire exercises that apply the marksmanship skills taught in PS1 to PS4. If you need to deal with grow ops or if you have responsibility for counter-terrorist operations or you provide military support, your snipers need this course.

All police sniper courses are to be attended in order as they are designed to be progressive, sequential 'building blocks' to develop a top quality police sniper.

Urban Police Sniper

Urban Police Sniper course is intended for the seasoned professional with PS1 and PS2 (or equivalent courses) and several years police sniper experience. Includes accurate and advanced marksmanship, field expedient positions and props, hasty deployments and stress management, urban hides, using walls and buildings, intermediate barriers.  

For details, see Police Sniper Course Descriptions.

2017 registration form coming soon! Questions? - email Payment: by cheque or EMT with registration or we will invoice your department directly.

Police Designated Marksman Course

Once again MilCun and Colt Canada are teaming together to respond to the trends in modern policing.

The new Police Designated Marksman Course is an advanced course. The officer who has already completed PS1 or PTRM (or equivalent) will be able to get the most out of the course.

The equipment recommended is a semi-automatic rifle fitted with a telescopic sight and a bipod.

The course is being designed with police agency input and the proposed curriculum includes:

  • Role, equipment, ammo

  • Marksmanship review

  • Basic range exercises (zeroing, grouping, CCB, unsupported positions, field expedient positions)

  • Shooting to 300 meters (elevations, wind, windage)

  • Low light, night shoot

  • Stress relievers

  • Hasty deployments

  • Daily scenarios

  • Advanced marksmanship technique: snaps, moving targets, run-downs

  • Field firing and rapid follow-ups

  • Terminal ballistics, shot placement, gel blocks, intermediate barriers

2017 registration form coming soon! Questions? - email Payment: by cheque or EMT with registration or we will invoice your department directly.


Police Tactical Rifle Courses

We offer progressive courses for the tactical team member:

 Ø  C8 & PTRM – the first day of the course is the Colt Canada C8 Operator/Instructor course, conducted by Colt Canada instructors. The next three days of the course is the MilCun Police Tactical Rifle Marksmanship (Basic) course, conducted by MilCun instructors, focusing on marksmanship skills from 100m to 25 m and covering prone, sitting, kneeling and standing (deliberate and tactical).

  • PTRM Basic is also offered separately as a 3-day course for students who do not require an Operator's course

  • Tactical Rifle Operator/Instructor/Marksman course combines a generic operator/instructor course with the MilCun PTRM Basic in a 4-day course (for students not requiring the Colt C8 Operator/Instructor course).  

Ø  PTRM Advanced – a five-day course teaching advanced firing techniques such as snaps, rapids and moving targets applied to the positions taught in the Basic course.

Ø  Police Tactical Rifle Instructor Coursea five-day course intended for those officers who instruct tactical rifle skills and includes course design, instructions and coaching modules. During the course, the participants will use the MilCun methods to develop and teach their own tactical rifle training modules.


For details, see Police Tactical Course Descriptions.

2017 registration form coming soon! Questions? - email Payment: by cheque or EMT with registration or we will invoice your department directly.

Police Pistol Courses 

Enhanced Police Pistol Training is a 3-day course focusing on the skills and elements commonly required for your qualification, particularly accuracy, speed, distance, standing and kneeling positions, barricade shooting, and support hand shooting. (If your qualification has other elements, we'll include them on the course; just send us your qual specification when you register.) At the end of this course, your qual should seem easy!

Advanced Police Pistol Course is a 3-day course of advanced shooting technique, including accuracy, speed, handling and dynamics. It is intended for the police tactical team members and instructors who want to develop their pistol proficiency. We tune the content to the participants, and the intention is to move quickly through a review of marksmanship and accuracy exercises and move on to intermediate and advanced challenges. At the end of the course, your skills will be improved and you'll have a large repertoire of skills drills you can take back to your agency.

For details, see Police Pistol Course Descriptions.

2017 registration form coming soon! Questions? - email Payment: by cheque or EMT with registration or we will invoice your department directly.


Executive Challenge Course

Spend  five days on our beautiful wilderness acreage while you explore your own capabilities to lead... and to follow... effectively.  You will develop and practice leadership skills on the edge... leading on your hind feet, leading in times of stress and uncertainty, adapting to the unexpected and getting to the best answer fast. You will learn how to be resourceful and self-sufficient, as well as how to get the most out of the resources around you.

You will also learn new skills... and surprise yourself with your ability to:

  • Navigate by map and compass through our 700 acre wilderness property
  • Build a "hooch" and spend two nights in the bush
  • Learn and use CPR and Field First Aid
  • Solve problems creatively and lead your team through to successful completion
  • Shoot a "challenge" target 1/2 kilometer away

And you will learn more about yourself in these 5 days than you have in years. Frequent debriefs by the instructors and peer reviews from fellow students will give you insight into your own abilities as you progress through the course. As well, you will be given time to reflect on your own motivations and abilities without interference from the outside world. 

The Executive Challenge Course is taught in the positive style we use for all of our courses. Open to Executives (civilian and law enforcement).

For more information, email us.

Custom Courses and Instruction  

We build the course to dovetail with your curriculum.

For example, last year we taught a series of 3-day tactical rifle courses for all five shifts of a nuclear security facility. We also taught a portion of an agency's sniper upgrade from 308 to 338 rifles. And we taught an advanced police pistol instructor course that included a one-day "coach the coaches" segment. In the past, we have taught a 2-, 3-, and 4-day police pistol courses, working on accuracy, speed, dynamics and coaching skills. We've developed a number of courses for military members, for service rifle and pistol. We've taught several combined pistol and tactical rifle courses for tactical teams.

And of course we're always happy to take any of our courses on the raod... a great way for you to get the whole team trained at minimum cost. This is a growing part of our business and one we particularly enjoy.

To discuss the possibilities, email us.



“The Power of Mental Marksmanship” is 6-hour seminar which reveals all the deep dark secrets of the mental control used by top marksmen, both competitors and professionals.

Other seminars can be developed to suit your agency’s needs. In the past we have presented a Pistol Coaching Seminar for the Toronto Police Service and “Seven Secrets to the Successful Sniper Shot” for the American Sniper Association.

For details or to register, email us.


Other Training Opportunities 

As instructors and volunteers, we support many organizations which offer events in pistol, tactical rifle/carbine, and sniper rifle. They are ideal for marksmanship professionals (military, police and security personnel) seeking to reinforce and spice up their training. Take a look at the What's New page and the Calendar page of this website... and keep an eye on the OSA website or join our "friends of OSA" email list through


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