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For Police, Military & Security

We at MilCun are proud to serve our "thin blue line". We have deep roots in the professional brotherhood, with Keith having over 25 years experience as a military sniper in two armies, and as a sniper instructor and combat shooting team coach in the Canadian Armed Forces.

When we started to develop our first courses (the police sniper series) we applied Keith's expertise and input from police tactical teams (especially Peel Regional, Ottawa and the RCMP) to ensure all of the police sniper skills were correctly and completely addressed. Over the years, we have made modifications to the original series as the deployment of snipers has changed, but the core skills are still all there. We also offer custom sniper training, ideal for the agencies who want specialized or team-integrated training.

Since the primary military arm is the C7 and since Keith had spent thousands of hours shooting, coaching and managing combat shooting teams, it was only a matter of time before we started teaching tactical rifle courses. It all started when Colt Canada (then Diemaco) asked us to develop and teach a marksmanship module to compliment their C8 operator/instructor course. From there, our police and security students helped us define and shape an advanced course and an instructor course. We also offer a tactical rifle course that is not Colt-specific. Many of our "have course will travel" and custom courses are designed around the tactical rifle.

In the last few years, our police customers have started to take advantage of our pistol shooting skills. Although we had been teaching pistol marksmanship to military teams for years, we really got started when a security team asked us to train them for an international SWAT competition. Following that, a police agency asked for a custom pistol course for their instructors and then for their tactical team. Although we offer pistol courses when our calendar allows, we teach most of our pistol marksmanship as a part of a custom police course.

Meanwhile, Keith has been a gunsmith (having graduated from the Colorado School of Trades in the 1970's) and has built rifles for competition and for operations. This skill and background provides a solid technical aspect to the MilCun business that helps us ensure all technical issues are solved before the training begins in earnest. With his background as a sniper and his skills as a gunsmith, it was only natural Keith would design and build our own MilCun-branded police sniper rifle. During field trials, the prototype was received with great enthusiasm and valuable input from active-duty snipers helped to tune the design. This rifle (complete or as an upgrade to an existing fleet) is now in use in dozens of Canadian agencies. In 2013, we introduced the TS2, a sniper rifle with a very tactical look.

In 2006, Keith and Linda started the Operational Shooting Association (a not-for-profit shooting club) which delivers training, challenges and organized practices with an eye to developing operational marksmanship skills. In the same year their first book, The Wind Book for Rifle Shooters was published by Paladin Press.

One of the interests Keith and Linda share is the mental aspects of shooting. They combined their thoughts to develop the Mental Marksmanship Seminar, which has been delivered to hundreds of police, security and military personnel. These seminars eventually grew into a body of work and stories which was published in 2010 as The Secrets of Mental Marksmanship.

Keith and Linda are currently working with LCol Dave Grossman to write a book "On Hunting".

Keith and Linda also support the professional community by publishing the Tactical Info Net newsletter, by hosting/running police events, supporting agency shooting clubs, by speaking at seminars and by writing articles for professional magazines.
Marksmanship Training
  • Police Sniper Series
  • Police Tactical Series
  • Police Pistol Courses
  • "Have Course will Travel"
  • Custom Courses and Programs
  • Other training events: Canadian 3-Gun Challenge, Argyll Cup Sniper Challenge

For course descriptions, Professional Courses

For course pricing and timings, see Calendar

  • Barrel/chamber installation
  • Accurizing and blueprinting
  • Trigger installation
  • Pillar bedding
  • Scope installation
  • Stock work
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Range services

For more information, see Gunsmithing for Professionals 


  • The MilCun TS1 (Tactical Sniper) Rifle
  • The MilCun TS2... TS1 precision in a modular tactical stock
  • Sniper rifle upgrades
  • Tactical rifle upgrades
  • Custom built rifles

For more information, see Professional Rifles

  • Night vision and NV mounts
  • Telescopic sights, mounts, scope dials
  • Hardware accessories
  • Replacement stocks
  • Travel vaults, rabbit ear bags, etc.

For more information, see Professional Accessories

  • Paper targets for police snipers
  • Cardboard targets for police snipers and tactical team
  • Coming soon... steel targets plus stands and shrouds...

For paper and cardboard targets,  Professional Targetry


  • The Secrets of Mental Marksmanship
  • The Sniper Log Book
  • The Wind Book for Rifle Shooters
  • Jim Bremner's "Crack in the Armour"
  • John Simpson's "The Sniper Handbook"
  • The Tactical Info Net newsletter

For more information, see Publications

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