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Targets for Professionals

Paper Targets

MilCun Police Sniper CCB & Grouping Target 

Above: MilCun Police Sniper CCB & Grouping Target, 8.5x11" paper size, can be cut to 5.5x8.5" journal pages. Aiming mark is 1 MOA at 100 meters, with a 0.5 MOA white center to make it easier to see the crosshairs clearly. Printed on target quality Beige cover stock.

MilCun Police Sniper General Training Target

Above: MilCun Police Sniper General Training Target, 8.5 x 11". Can be printed on various colored target quality cover stock.

To purchase targets, email us.

Police Agencies: If you prefer to produce your own targets, we can send you a pdf file so you can print your own.

Cardboard Targets & Sticky Dots
MilCun Police Target - MilCun Body Target with Aiming Dots MilCun Police Target Aiming Marks by the roll

The MilCun Body Target is shown here with the large black aiming mark and the small orange aiming mark, which are used to improve shooter accuracy by focusing fire onto the effective areas.

The cardboard body target is life-size and costs $1.00. A roll of 500 large (5.5") black sticky dots costs $95.00 and a roll of 1000 smaller (2.75") orange sticky dots costs $95.00. Other colors/sizes may be custom ordered, but may cost more.

All items plus shipping and tax. To purchase, email us.

Steel Targets 

Coming soon...

To purchase, email us.

Target Holders & Shrouds

Coming soon...

To purchase, email us.

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