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For Police Snipers... High-Angle Drop Chart
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The Secrets of Mental Marksmanship 

The soldier, the cop, the hunter or the competitive marksman will all agree on one thing, only hits count. Depending on the game you’re playing, it may be more important to be faster or it may be more important to be precise, but in the end it’s the shooter who can achieve his aim – perfect shots on demand, anywhere, any time, and all the time - who wins.

Our newest book, The Secrets of Mental Marksmanship, was launched in late January 2010.

The Mental Marksmanship book includes chapters on:

  • The Power in Your Mind
  • The Power in Your World
  • The Zone
  • Tools to Increase your Conscious Powers
  • Tools to Increase your Subconscious Powers
  • Tools to Increase your Self Image
  • Advanced Tools - Your Powers Applied
  • The Final Power - The Power of Perseverance

Each key idea in the book is complemented by four stories, one each from the military, law enforcement, hunting and competition. There are about 150 stories altogether and they provide an entertaining backdrop to the main theme of the book: no matter what the application, every marksman who wants to win needs these mental skills.

The Secrets of Mental Marksmanship is published by Paladin Press.

Available online at many nice vendors including,,,,, For other nice vendors, just do a Google search on the book title.

The Wind Book for Rifle Shooters 

The Wind Book was published a few years ago and is now hailed as "the wind bible". It is sold in countries around the world, wherever serious precision at long range is important.

Online review: " An excellent book... straightforward and well-written..."

American Sniper Association revew: "an enormous aid in understanding the effects of the wind for both the novice and seasoned shooter alike and I believe it will provide the police sniper with valuable information to help obtain a critical first round hit."

The Wind Book includes chapters on:

  • Wind Basics - the facts you need to know;
  • Wind Reading Process - step-by-step thought process;
  • Wind Reading Techniques & Tactics;
  • Wind Reading Skills - and how to develop them; and
  • Words of Wisdom - from world-class wind-readers, such as Rick Ashton, Serge Bissonnette, Jim Bullock, Bert Bowden, Don Brook, George Chase, Stuart Collings, Keith Cunningham, Clint Dahlstrom, Darren Enslin, Alain Marion, Jim Paton, Arnold Parks, Sandy Peden, Ed Pocock III, Bill Richards, John C. Simpson, Pat Vamplew, Mike Wong Shui, and Charles F. Young.

The Wind Book for Rifle Shooters is published by Paladin Press.

Available online at many nice vendors including,,,,,,,, For other nice vendors, just do a Google search on the book title.

The Sniper Log Book

A log book for use in the field, designed by professional snipers

For military & law enforcement snipers... thought by the professional sniper to be the next thing you take with you on an operation right after rifle and ammo.

The Sniper Log Book comes with 13 sections, each with aids, charts or forms to help you record (and later find and re-use) the right information and intelligence for your operations. Many of the charts  are laminated to protect against the weather; many of the forms are also laminated so that you can erase and re-use them.

  • Operations Notes
  • Observation Log
  • Panoramic Sketch
  • Range Cards
  • Field First Aid
  • Elevations
  • High-Angle Charts
  • Windage
  • Judging Distance
  • Navigation
  • Equipment List
  • Rifle and Ammo
  • Performance Analysis
  • To Do List

In addition, there are a couple of sections to customize your own personal Sniper Log Book. Small-format 3-ring binder with a camouflage or olive drab canvas cover; includes bulldog clamps for keeping pages in place when it’s windy, as well as all of the pencils, grease pencils and markers needed to write on the laminated pages.

Available only by taking our Police Sniper 1 course.  

Sniper's Notebook

An Advanced Training Book for Military and Police Snipers

In this book, John Simpson answers the 'why' throughout this book where many others only give you the 'how'. You'll not find anyone who understands the 'math' behind sniping and can explain it as well. In this book, he dispels rumour and myth while explaining what he has learned from years of teaching this craft to all levels of students.

This book is intended for the sniper getting ready to attend his first school, to forewarn him about all the wrong stuff he’ll be taught. It’s also for the experienced sniper to answer th
e nagging feeling he has that there must be a better way. And it’s also for the sniper instructor who wants to train his students better than he was trained.

Some of the topics included are: Sniper's Notebook by John C. Simpson

  • Police vs. Military Snipers
  • How Sneaky Are You?
  • Cheating in Training
  • Principles of Grouping & Application of Fire
  • How Many Rounds Does A shot Group Make?
  • They Call It A "Long Shot" For a Reason
  • If I See It Can I Hit It?
  • Range Errors Due To Incorrectly Assuming Target Height
  • What Effect Does Powder Temperature Have?
  • The Medulla Myth
  • Effect of Canting the Rifle
  • Ignorance Can Be Fixed, But Stupidity is Forever
  • Man, Myth and Movers
  • Flash Recognition in Sniper Training
  • How to Think About Hit Probability

To order, send check or money order for $25.00*to Simpsonian Intitute, 2774 N. Cobb Parkway, Suite 109 #141, Kennesaw, GA 30144 USA. For more information, contact the author at

*USD. This pricing includes shipping in the US (contiguous 48 states). GA residents add 4% sales tax.

Copy of police or military ID required for purchase.

Crack in the Armor
Jimmy Bremner's story

Jimmy Bremner's story about PTSD... his exposure, his struggle, his recovery
Available through  

CoachNet - TheTarget Sports Network

A Little History...

CoachNet is a not-for-profit periodical, previously published six times a year on a subscription basis. It was produced from 1996 to 2006. Back issues are being converted to pdf files and will be made available from this website,

The following back issues are now available. Click on the links to download the pdfs:

CoachNet 1995 - Sample Issue


CoachNet Vol 11 Ser 1 - 2005 November/December

  • Unlimited Power – Part One

  • Improving Your Personal Power

  • Improving your Self Talk

  • Improving your External Communications

  • Getting the Right Glasses





CoachNet Vol 11 Ser 2 - 2006 January/February

  • Unlimited Power – Part Two

  • Mind Mastery

  • Body Language

  • Energy

  • Goal Setting

CoachNet Vol 11 Ser 3 - 2006 March/April

  • Unlimited Power – Part Three

  • Power of Precision

  • Magic of Rapport

  • Distinctions of Excellence

  • Handling Resistance

  • Solving problems

  • Power of Perspective

 CoachNet Vol 11 Ser 4 - 2006 May/June

  • Unlimited Power – Part Four (Conclusion)

  • Anchoring to Success

  • Using Values for Success

  • Five Keys to Wealth and Happiness

  • Power of Persuasion

  • Challenge of Living Excellence

  • One Thin Wire (Part One)

CoachNet Vol 11 Ser 5 - 2006 July/August

  • One Thin Wire (Conclusion)

  • Toughness Training

CoachNet Vol 11 Ser 6 - 2006 September/October

  • Peaking for Major Competitions

  • Linda’s Rule of Thumb

CoachNet 2007 - The Last Post

MilCun founders, Keith Cunningham and Linda Miller, wrote our first story together following the 1995 Ontario Provincial Championships. Since then, we have become noted authors in shooting circles. We've enjoyed having shooters from all over the world (at ranges all over the world) engage us in very interesting conversations based on stories of ours they have read.

We have had people from far-away places come to us for courses and coaching, their interest generated by the stories and books of ours they have read.

Many of our stories have been published in Precision Shooting Magazine, Tactical Shooter or Accurate Rifle. Some have been re-published in anthologies such as The Highpower Shooting Primer. The magazines and the book are available from Precision Shooting Inc - see our Links page.

A few years ago, our first full-size book was published by Paladin Press. "The Wind Book for Rifle Shooters" has been affectionately dubbed "The Wind Bible".

Our latest book "The Secrets of Mental Marksmanship" was launched in January 2010. We are proud of this book. It is based on the Mental Marksmanship Seminar we have been giving for years. Each of these seminars has been "tuned" to the audience... whenever we were talking to police, we'd tell police stories to illustrate our points... if  we were talking to competition shooters, we'd tell competition stories to illustrate our points. The book has all these stories and more... we support each main idea with four stories: one each for police, competitors, military and hunters. There are about 150 stories altogether, and they make for an enjoyable read.

We are currently working on a novel and a comprehensive book on operational-style pistol marksmanship.