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Range Facilities & Range Services

The Property

The property is about 700 acres of wilderness nestled into a huge tract of Crown land, providing a buffer between us and the rest of the world. The land is mixed forest (deciduous and evergreen) liberally punctuated with swamps and beaver ponds. Wildlife abounds and includes Canadian big game animals such as moose, deer and black bear, along with smaller fur bearers such as wolves, beavers, otters, martens and raccoons. Birds are plentiful and include partridges, Scarlet Tanagers, Pileated Woodpeckers and Osprey.

Sunset at Outback Pond

A beaver swims out for the night shift on Outback Pond

The Project
In 1995, Keith and Linda drew a picture on the back of a paper placemat in a restaurant in northern Ontario. It was part of a dream to build a home for target sports in Ontario...

Since then we have acquired some 700 acres of land sufficiently far from 'civilization' to protect us from encroachment, yet close enough to major cities and highways to be readily accessible.

We have cleared 8-10 Kilometers of trails, mostly reclaiming old logging roads. Deer and Moose are using them within a couple of days of the trails being cleared. The plan is eventually to join the trails into circuits, making it possible to hike 5, 10 and 15 Kilometer paths, suitable for summer hiking, winter snow-shoeing and cross-country skiing.

We have worked with local, regional, provincial, and federal governments and agencies to ensure we'll be able to build ranges to support all disciplines of our sport.

The "MilCun Hilton"

We have made improvements to the "MilCun Hilton", the original hunt camp on the property. It now serves as our classroom and lunchroom, as well as providing accommodation during hunting season.

The classroom in the "MilCun Hilton"

The classroom in the 'MilCun Hilton'

The "Home on the Range"

In 2010, we finally built our "home on the range"...

Home on the Range front

Home on the Range back

Maple Tree Range - 100 meters

In 2000, we received approval from the Chief Firearms Office for our first range, a 100 meter range with mounds at 75, 50, and 25 meters.. We named it Maple Tree Range to honor the old maple tree that stands sentry near the hundred meter mound.

Keith returns to the firing line after setting up a couple of targets on Maple Tree Range.
Maple Tree Range in 2000

We have since installed a moving target system for use in our Police Tactical Rifle Marksmanship (PTRM) and Police Sniper courses. In 2003, the dump trucks rolled in and we rebuilt the range, putting in formal mounds at 100, 75, and 50 meters, and from 25 meters to the targets the range floor is flat for advancing fire.

Maple Tree Range construction in 2003

Maple Tree Range with new mounds in 2003

Moving the shed to Maple Tree Range
Gently putting the shed down
A new target shed for Maple Tree Range
Shed in place on Maple Tree Range

In 2007, with help from family, friends and OSA members, we added a covered firing point at 100 meters.

Overhead cover on Maple Tree Range

Maple Tree Range in 2009

Maple Tree Range is one of our favorites, both as a rifle range from 100 meters on down, as well as a pistol range in close. Below a scenario match makes use of the moving target system.

Moving targets in a pistol scenario match
Hill Top Range - 600 meters

We originally built the 600-meter range to support our Police Sniper course (Long Range Counter-Sniper). It has since proven popular with competition shooters and we are currently widening the range from five shooting lanes to ten.

Keith shooting from the 400
Keith christening the 400-mound in August 2003

In 2007, we increased the backstop height and widened the butts to ten firing points. (Each firing point can support 3 shooters at at time.)

Hill Top backstop under construction

In early 2009, OSA members gathered to build a crib for the signal flag in the butts.

Building a crib for the butts safety flag

And a wind flag gets installed at the 200-meter mound (as well as one at the 500-meter mound).

Wind flag at the 200-meter mound

In the summer, one of the OSA members built a new target shed.

Target shed for the 600-meter range

The 600-meter range is used primarily for courses and competitions. We also use it to give new shooters a special treat of shooting from longer ranges than they had ever imagined. One of our favorite uses, though, is for our annual family Thanksgiving...

Family Thanksgiving 2010
Ridge Range - 1000 meters

Linda marks the 900-meter firing line Keith marks the 1000-meter butts
Linda and Keith mark the 900-meter mound and the butts on the new 1000-meter range

Cattail marsh in front of the 700-meter mark
A little pond will be part of the landscaping in front of the 700-meter mound

Recently, police have used the range for field firing.

Police on the 1000-meter range

Other Facilities and Training Areas

A police sniper overlooks our "west side lake"
West Side Lake

JD Pond

JD (Judging Distance) Pond

We have also developed, for our Police Sniper 5 course, locations for field firing (steel targets at unknown distances out to 600 meters), locations for judging distance exercises and several locations for live stalks.

Police using one of the many trails

Maple Tree Lane in autumn splendor


The Driveway - 3.5 Kms
Road constuction - high-hoe
Road construction - grader
Upper Left: Jack Prentice and his marvelous machine building our new road in May 2003.

Lower Left: Tom Prentice grades the new gravel surface in September 2005
Summer walk police
Winter walk
Upper Left: a beautiful walk

Lower Left: a winter wonderland
Spring water at culvert

Front gate
Upper Left: Spring melt makes us glad we put in 4-foot culverts.

Lower Left: a new gate goes in at the highway.
Roadwork 2010 Left: re-routing the driveway around the new home site.

We are located in Haliburton County, Ontario, Canada (about 2 hours northeast of Toronto and 3.5 hours west of Ottawa). Our range is used for our courses and for scheduled events hosted by the Operational Shooting Association (OSA). Map showing the location of the MilCun property.