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Canadian 3-Gun Challenge

Wednesday 07 August 2019

The MilCun Training Center & the Operational Shooting Association are proud to present the 17th annual Canadian 3-Gun Challenge for Police, Military, Security, and EMS. For individuals and two-person teams, there are events in duty/service pistol, tactical rifle/carbine, and sniper rifle, and of course, the 3-Gun Champions!


Women's Day at the Range


Thanks for all your support in ten years of running our own special Women's Day at the Range. To our knowledge, it is the only women's range day run by women for women.

We are proud of our achievement... women introduced to AR-style rifles and pistols... female range officers trained... and many other women's range days spawned.

Thanks to our sponsors, our range officers, and the men of the Operational Shooting Association who support the day in the background.


Argyll Cup Sniper Challenge

Thursday 17 October 2019

The MilCun Training Center & the Operational Shooting Association are proud to present the 8th annual Argyll Cup Sniper Challenge. Open to active-duty police and military in two-person teams. This is a test of sniper field craft and marksmanship skills, with ten skills stands over a 6-km circuit.

Download the Info Sheet (short description of the event and contact information)

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