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What's New Updated 02 July 2021    Prices in Canadian dollars


As of the latest Ontario health announcements, we are now able to open for civilian use in groups of 25.

See further information on the Home page.

We continue to provide range rentals to essential services (police, military, EMS, etc.) - contact us directly

The 2021 calendar for the whole season is now published (with Eventbrite links for the OSA events) on the Calendar page.

2021 Calendar of Events

Download from the Calendar page  

For police/military:

2021 Police Course Registration Form - download here


For recreational/competiton:

2021 Civilian Course Registration Form - download here

Canadian 2-Gun Challenge



Information Sheet - download

Registration Form - download

Course of Fire Summary - download

Rules & Course of Fire Details - download

It's official!

The MilCun Training Center & the Operational Shooting Association are hosting the re-formatted Canadian 2-Gun Challenge this year. The OIC published in May 2020 made most tactical rifles/carbines prohibited for use by civilians. Although the competitors are Police/Military, they usually use personal equipment for the tactical rifle, and as such the law regards them as civilians when they are doing so.

The 2021 Canadian 2-Gun Challenge for Police, Military, Security, and EMS. For individuals and two-person teams, there are events in duty/service pistol  and sniper rifle, and of course, the 2-Gun Champions!

Other OSA Events

The OSA Club (which operates at the MilCun range) continues to provide excellent training and practice opportunities for both recreational and professional shooters.

For information about OSA events for 2021, visit the Operational Shooting Association webpage at


Argyll Cup Sniper Challenge


With sincere regret, we are reluctantly cancelling the 2021 Argyll Cup Sniper Challenge.

We are planning to restore the ACSC in 2022, although there may be changes to accommodate the current laws regarding the use of tactical carbines as a part of the event.

 Since 2012, this has been a premiere training and confirming opportunity for active-duty police and military. It is a test of sniper-spotter field craft and marksmanship skills, with ten skills stands over a 6-km circuit.


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